WeatherShield Pressure, Temperature, Humidity
WeatherShield Pressure, Temperature, Humidity
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Details: The WeatherShield is a unit that allows Arduino able to read Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity.
The shield is equipped with three sensors and a PIC12F683 microcontroller programmed with a specific firmware that interfaces with Arduino through a two line bidirectional synchronous serial connection. The microcontroller is responsible for sampling and averaging the last 8 humidity, pressure and temperature values, providing it to the Arduino in an ASCII readable format expressed in Celsius, hPa and relative % units.

Through the libraries HERE downloadable or from a dedicated GitHub page is possible to communicate with the WeatherShield in order to retrieve the averaged measures or the last 8 RAW samples values for temperature, pressure and humidity. Changes to the sample time is also available.

Some Sketches for Arduino are donwloadable HERE. They are an example on how easy is to communicate to the WeatherShield through the provided libraries, realizing an Arduino based barometrical device.
The weathershield1_comm, the easiest, does not require the Ethernet Shield. It's able to read samples from the WeatherShield then publish the results to the serial monitor.
The weathershield1_ethernet, instead, uses the Ethernet Shield to publish Weather samples through a simple HTTP web server.

The WeatherShield was developed with the Ethernet Shield in mind, so, is possible to use the WeatherShield on top of it and realize a remote networked sample unit.
An interesting application is shown at the Freedomotic website where the shield is integrated in a complex domotic system.

Technical specifications:

  • Measures temperature, humidity and ambient pressure
  • Connects to Arduino through two I/O digital pins and communicates through a synchronous proprietary serial protocol, already implemented in the provided libraries.
  • Calculates the moving average on the last 8 samples for pressure, temperature and humidity
  • RAW samples values are available with 10 bit precision
  • Sample time variable by software

Technical documentation (click on the PDF image, requires Acrobat Reader)
Device Schematics (click on the PDF image, requires Acrobat Reader)