RS485 Shield
RS485 Shield
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Details: The RS485 serial bus is a standard mainly present on industrial buildings and home automation systems. Data are transmitted differentially on a single twisted pair resulting in a high noise immunity system able to transport data over hundreds of meters.

This shield, compatible with Arduino and Netduino, allows the integration of that platforms with RS485 compliant equipments. This shield could also be used to setup domestic networks where information generated by physical parameters measurements and/or actuation commands needs to be transferred.

Thanks to a set of on-board dip switches is possible to easily enable/disable the required RS485 bus termination resistor and balance the RS485 bus.
The shield provides also a set of screw connectors where D8 and D9 digital lines, and the A0 and A1 analog lines are reported. D8 and D9 digital lines could be optionally pulled-up/down through a set of dip switches. This is very useful to easily interface the shield with normally open or closed push buttons or equipments providing straight contacts outputs.

Technical specifications
  • Compatible with Arduino and Netduino platforms
  • Onboard RS485 transceiver type 75176B
  • Connected with D0 (Rx) and D1 (Tx) pins for serial data communications
  • RS485 Tx Data enable pin selectable through dip switches between D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 and D7 output pins
  • RS485 bus selector LED indicator
  • 120ohm termination resistor on-board, enabled/disabled through dip switch
  • RS485 bus balance through 47kohm resistors, enabled/disabled through dip switches
  • RS485 bus available on screw type connectors
  • D8 and D9 digital lines, with pull-up/down selectable resistors, available through screw type connectors
  • A0 and A1 lines available through screw type connectors
  • 5V and GND lines available through screw type connectors
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